Prof. Matteo Ballottari graduated in Biotechnology at the University of Verona in 2004. In 2008 he obtained his PhD in Molecular, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology at the University of Verona, collaborating during his thesis with the University of California in Berkeley (USA). His PhD thesis was focused on the functional characterization of photosynthetic proteins in higher plants and received in 2009 the national award “Franca Rasi” for his PhD work. Since 2011 Matteo Ballottari was appointed as Assistant Professor, and then since 2014 Associate Professor, in Plant Physiology at the Department of Biotechnology of the University of Verona. He is member of the Italian society of Plant Biology (SIBV) and of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR). Since 2016 Matteo Ballottari was selected as a member of the Young Academy of Europe. Matteo Ballottari is involved in many national and European projects financed by public and private funds about the exploitation of photosynthetic organisms to produce biofuels and high value products, among which the ERC Starting Grant SOLENALGAE for more than 1.400.000€. 


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